BMW 3 Series Common Problems

Bmw 3 Series Common Problems

When you buy a BMW 3 Series, the last thing you want is problems. The BMW 3 Series is a luxury car that brings the words “powerful” and “innovative” to life. This car makes you a proud owner. And every series right from the 1970s through to the 2000s has been an unveiling of powerful wheels. For a car lover, this is one luxury that deserves a spot in your collections.

But the truth is, like every other car, the BMW 3 Series has common problems. The best thing to do is to be aware of these problems and know the signs and symptoms so you can prevent a major mishap. That’s why you need to learn about BMW 3 Series common problems and how to go about fixing them.

BMW 3 Series Automatic Gearbox Problems

There are a number of problems that could arise with the BMW 3 Series automatic gearbox. One of them is a whining sound the gearbox produces while the automobile is in gear. And as the speed increases, the loudness and pitch of the sound also increase. However, this sound usually stops when the clutch is depressed and the gearbox disengages.

Another gearbox problem could be the shaking and grinding of the gears. Generally, the transmission of a BMW 3 Series works in a way that it smoothly transitions from one gear to the next. But when transmission begins to fail, you may experience some grinding or shaking when changing gears.

The shaking becomes more startling as the condition worsens. As a result, as soon as this begins to happen, you should have your BMW inspected. You can get your car regularly serviced, so you can enjoy your ride more.

BMW 3 Series Battery Problems

The BMW 3 Series has some prevalent electrical issues, and the battery is one of them. This is because the positive battery cable connector and the matching fuse box terminal can corrode or degrade over time. This can cause the car to lose electrical power, resulting in a stall or an inoperable vehicle.

Battery problems in a BMW 3 Series can also occur when an external device is plugged into a BMW, sapping its energy.

Cars have alternators. These alternators are systems that charge the battery while the vehicle is in motion. They use the energy provided by the engine as a power source. So, in a nutshell, the car can recharge itself.

However, for it to be able to recharge itself, the petrol engine has to be running. So, except it is a battery with limited capacity, there is usually little to no source of energy used when the car is parked.

The device plugged in uses the car’s battery for power without it being recharged. This is why failing to turn off your headlights could result in a dead car surprise when you get back in your car!

BMW 3 Series Petrol Engine Problems

The BMW 3 Series has several petrol engine problems, particularly with the fuel pumps.

The engine will stall, have a rough idle, run rough, and take a long time to crank as a result of this. The variable valve timing arrangement can also be a source of frustration. This is because the timing system’s sensors can become clogged and unclean, forcing the vehicle to enter “limp mode.”

Most times, these issues were prevalent in BMW 335i cars from 2006 to 2007. This is especially true with the new turbocharged 4- and 6-cylinder engines that arrive with new vehicles.

Such flaws will cause problems while idling and may have an impact on the car’s fuel efficiency, increasing stalling and resulting in an unpleasant ride and a long crank time. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to speak with your European car specialist mechanic at Automotive Hospital.

There are also reported concerns with the VANOS valve timing mechanism. Apparently, it can become clogged with road dirt and debris. This causes the car to run slowly and fail to pick up the required levels of power, resulting in the vehicle entering limp mode.

If you have a BMW 3 Series petrol engine problem, you can get a quick fix at the Automotive Hospital. We have skilled professionals that would know just the right thing to do.

BMW 3 Series Air Conditioning Problems

One of the things that could cause a BMW 3 Series air-conditioning problem is an A/C leak.

The cooling fluid, freon, could leak out of your vehicle, or there could be a larger leak in the A/C system. It’s difficult to tell if there’s a leak because Freon evaporates when it comes into contact with air. However, with the right tools, a trained mechanic can detect an A/C leakage.

It could also be that your A/C fan isn’t working. This could be because the fan on your A/C condenser is broken. If the fan fully fails, you’ll notice straight away as the A/C will be unable to circulate air in your vehicle.

BMW 3 Series Dashboard Warning Lights

You probably might have seen your dashboard warning light on and wondering- what does this mean?

Most BMW 3 Series dashboard warning light meaning could be:

  • Red: It sends a signal that something is wrong and that it has to be fixed right away.
  • Blue and green: This symbol indicates which BMW features or technologies are now active.
  • Orange and Yellow: This is a non-critical warning that has to be addressed as soon as possible.

While this gives you an idea that something is wrong, you might not be able to fully interpret it. You don’t have to go through the stress of doing so either. At Automotive Hospital, we offer the best services. We can help you interpret these problems and get your ride back to its best shape.

Your Ride Needs A BMW Expert

Besides knowing the common problems of the BMW 3 Series, you also need to know what to do when those problems occur. In such situations, you need the assistance of expert mechanics who can not only diagnose the problem but can also fix it.

At Automotive Hospital, we specialize in serving and repairing cars, including the BMW 3 Series. We have serviced and repaired a large number of BMW cars in the locations surrounding the lovely Haberfield, Australia.

We have highly trained professionals that understand how to handle the engine of your BMW 3 Series. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Contact us now to treat your car to one of the best repairs and maintenance services around.


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