The Importance of a Car Service

importance of car service

Who doesn’t want their car to always remain in its brand new state? Everyone wants a vehicle that doesn’t give them any unpleasant surprises by breaking down in the middle of a trip or when trying to meet a deadline. This really emphasises the importance of getting a car service with a reputable mechanic.

This dream is achievable with proper maintenance and servicing, your car can keep running as smoothly as ever.

Keep reading for vital information about car servicing, our procedures and how these procedures improve your car’s efficiency.

What Is A Car Service?

A car service is a constant maintenance carried out on a car at specific intervals. These intervals can be on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the age and the mileage a car has covered. 

To encourage constant servicing, new cars often come with a maintenance logbook. This logbook is a type of handbook that specifies the time and agenda for your car services. It also monitors any repairs made to your vehicle. 

Car owners generally use the logbook to schedule the maintenance of their cars. These regular checks and minor fixes are what keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.

There are three primary categories of car services which are:

  • Interim service: 

    This is the entry-level for car servicing. Interim service is a minimal car service that we carry out on a car that has covered 15,000kms. The mechanic may also execute the interim service at a 6-month interval depending on what milestone comes first.  It typically includes oil changes, oil filter replacements, and inspection of the drive belt.

  • Full service: 

    We use this service on a car when it has covered 30,000 kilometres. We can also carry out this service on the car every 12 months depending on what milestone comes first. A full car service includes all the servicing done under the interim package and more. Some of these extra services include checking the exhaust system for leaks or damage, battery load testing and charge rate check, plus gearbox, final drive, steering and boots visual inspection for leaks & damage

  • Major service: 

    We often perform a major service when a car has covered 45,000 kilometres. We can also perform this service in 24-month intervals. This service is a comprehensive package involving every service a car may need. It includes replacement of worn-out parts, wheel bearing and shock absorber inspection, radiator, and coolant hose check.

Whatever type of service your European car needs, whether it has 15,000kms or 120,000kms on the clock, Automotive Hospital is your one-stop-shop for all your car service needs. With over 20 years of experience and state-of-the-art facilities, you’re guaranteed maximum satisfaction.

Why Is Vehicle Maintenance Important?

There are various reasons why you should take your car to a specialist mechanic like us for constant servicing or maintenance. Some of these reasons are:

  • To keep your car in good condition and subsequently deter unwanted car problems.
  • To safeguard against road accidents that may occur if your car malfunctions.
  • To save cost as it prevents a significant breakdown of your vehicle.
  • To save you time by preventing serious issues that will require more repair time.
  • To maintain the value of your car if there is ever a need to sell it.
  • To prevent minor issues from becoming serious damage which can be expensive to repair.
  • To keep your vehicle running at optimal performance.

How Do I Know When My Car Needs a Service?

Owning a car is a serious responsibility. You need to watch out for signs that may indicate that your vehicle has an issue. Here are some of the signs to know when your car needs servicing.

  • The check engine light of the vehicle is on.
  • The car vibrates while driving.
  • Your car has a strange smell which could be from the engine oil or the parts of a car rubbing against each other.
  • The car emits smoke from any part, especially from under the bonnet.

Despite this, it is always advisable to take your car for servicing at least once every year. If it’s a new car, a six-month interval will keep it at optimum condition. You should do this whether you notice any of the signs listed above or not.

What Happens If You Don’t Service Your Car?

Failure to service your vehicle can lead to engine damage. It can also lead to the wearing out of some parts, which can cause a total breakdown of your European vehicle that could cost you a small fortune. If it becomes too problematic, you may have no choice but to sell your vehicle. 

So, before it gets to that point, contact Automotive Hospital for your European car servicing needs.

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

You should bring your car for servicing every 6 months, particularly if it’s a new vehicle that’s still under the new car warranty.

Even if you don’t drive your vehicle frequently, it’s still necessary that you take the vehicle for regular servicing. 

For instance, some fluids are susceptible to moisture and need changing at intervals, whether you drive the car or not.

Your car maintenance logbook can also tell you when you should service your vehicle.

New Car Maintenance Tips

Upon buying a new car, there are some maintenance tips you should always perform on your vehicle at different times. They include:

  • Topping up and changing the engine oil.
  • Checking oil fluids such as the brake fluid, power steering fluid, and washer fluid.
  • Cleaning and replacing the air filter.
  • Checking for wheel alignment.
  • Checking and replacing the wipers.
  • Cleaning the radiator.
  • Checking the battery to ensure proper connection.

A lot of these you can do yourself at home but if you are not confident, don’t be afraid to bring your European vehicle to us in order to make sure it is always in tip top shape.

Car Engine Maintenance Tips

It’s essential to always ensure that your car’s engine is always in optimum working condition. You can do this by:

  • Changing the engine oil at different intervals.
  • Checking on the cooling system constantly.
  • Regularly cleaning the air filter.
  • Being on the lookout for any fluid leakage.
  • Not running the vehicle while on low fuel.
  • Replacing the oil filter when due.
  • Replacing spark plugs and wires.

How To Do Maintenance On Your Car

You can perform basic maintenance on your car yourself by:

  • Checking your car tyres to make sure they are properly inflated.
  • Changing your oil and oil filter when due.
  • Examining belts and hoses.
  • Changing wiper blades when necessary.
  • Generally inspecting all car fluids.

Remember, you need to first read the manual of your car before trying to carry out any maintenance on your car.

However, you should also know that the car maintenance services you can perform on your own are limited.

For comprehensive car servicing, you need the help of an experienced and specialised mechanic. 

So, essentially, don’t try to do it yourself, leave it to the experts. Automotive Hospital is definitely the specialised mechanic you need to service your European car.

Contact Automotive Hospital For Your Most Important Car Maintenance

At Automotive Hospital, we have several experienced mechanics who will use our state-of-the-art facilities to provide you with unparalleled car maintenance services. 

For over 20 years, we’ve remained committed to delivering high-tech car services to vehicle owners in Haberfield and Sydney-wide. 

Book a service today and let us use our wealth of experience in servicing your car and also resolving any other issues your car may have.


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