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Choosing an automotive service centre that you can depend on to meet all your needs and produce outstanding results every time can be a challenge. You need to find a place that is reliable, consistent, affordable, and local that will be there when your vehicle needs servicing or repairing. When you come into an independent Haberfield mechanic like Automotive Hospital, you’re dealing with a car mechanic that really cares.

Mechanics that care about your vehicle… and you!

It’s not only about achieving a high quality of service, but it’s also about finding someone who will go the extra mile to not only give what you’ve asked about, and to deliver what you really need. We not only do the service you requested, we take care of you and your car as if it were our own and strive to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Customer service & quality work is our top priority

We care about what’s going on. We’re the shop owner and the salesperson at the same time, and we take pride in our job. When you leave the dealership and come to a private shop like ours, you can rely on knowing we’ll do the service 100%.

We pride ourselves on our quality of services and our sparkling clean facility because we care about where you choose to bring your car for servicing and repairs. No dirt, oil or mess is in sight.

You can wait for your car to be serviced,  enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee and relax in our waiting area. However, we do also offer a free service loan or courtesy car so you can remain mobile and productive on the day that we service your vehicle.

Experienced and educated mechanics

With over 20 years of mechanical experience that is reflected in the quality and time of your experience with us. We ensure to only employ highly qualified technicians who are trained and certified in the latest technology.

Our technicians are educated across multiple makes and models and provide extensive services. We utilise high-tech equipment which makes our process efficient and accurate. Our services are tailored to suit European and Prestige vehicles that will not affect your vehicle’s warranty.

Some dealerships allow apprentices to work on client vehicles, which is okay, but the problem is when they’re unsupervised. That is why you want to make sure that there are experienced and educated mechanics working with your car to fulfil your needs and safety requirements, like at Automotive Hospital.

As an additional touch, when your vehicle is in our possession, we treat it with the utmost care. Our mechanics always wear gloves when driving or working on your vehicle to ensure cleanliness.

If you are looking for a service centre that has it all and is willing to meet your needs, visit us at the shop, we would love to meet you!


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Automotive Hospital
Automotive Hospital
Modern, state-of-the-art facilities along with high-tech equipment for more efficient workmanship. Over 20 years mechanical experience, which will reflect on the quality and timing of your experience with us.
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