Mini Cooper – Repair and replace the AC

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This client contacted us about the air conditioning. The AC basically wasn’t cold enough in the cabin, and he was told by another repairer that the pressure was too high, which mostly it was. A first it appeared that the low and high-speed fans weren’t working. A diagnostic check and some preliminary testing with the multimeter returned the result of the relay not actually pulling in and activating the fans. We looked into this further and turns out the high and low-pressure switch in the AC system wasn’t activating these relays.


The course of action was to repair and replace the relays and, also the high and low-pressure switch. Once that was done, the low fan speed and high speed worked. The trouble was that the pressures weren’t dropping enough, and turns out that we had to look into it further and look into the actual AC condenser and the receiver dryer. Now on the Minis, they come complete as a new condenser and receiver drive together. We informed the client that this is what we recommend doing along with the actual TX valve.


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