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Driving an unregistered car in Sydney can attract hefty fines and penalties. However, aside from the sanctions, it is unsafe to drive an unregistered car. These are some of the reasons rego checks in Sydney are a necessity.

Specifically, a Sydney rego check is crucial in ensuring the safety of the driver, passengers, and other road users. 

For instance, if you intend to buy an unregistered car, you should be aware that there might be a reason why it wasn’t registered. It could be that the vehicle has certain mechanical faults that make it dangerous to drive. In such cases, a rego check Sydney can help you discover why the car is unregistered and if it is safe to re-register and drive.

Additionally, a rego check will inform you if a vehicle is under insurance. This is important because it is against the law to drive an uninsured car in the streets of Sydney.

Remember, it is your duty to ensure that the vehicle you are driving is fully registered, roadworthy, and insured. The only way to make sure of this is through a rego check in Sydney.

Find out what it takes to get (and keep) your car registered, as well as how a blue or pink slip helps you to achieve this.

Blue Slip Inspection (Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Report)

A blue slip inspection deals with the tests that a mechanic carries out on an unregistered vehicle. After your Sydney mechanic has carried out your registration inspection, they will issue you with a report. 

This report is commonly known as a blue slip. The slip indicates that your car meets the manufacturer’s standards. Furthermore, without a blue slip, you cannot fully register your vehicle. After your rego check in Sydney, your mechanic will send the report to the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority).

Here are some of the vehicles that can go for a rego inspection to get a blue slip:

  • A vehicle whose registration has expired for more than three months
  • Cars brought into NSW from other states or another country
  • A vehicle without a plate number
  • Vehicles that have been written off but recently been approved for re-registration
  • Cars that require adjustment in their records because of a significant change such as a new engine

What a Blue Slip Inspection (Registration Inspection) Entails

During a blue slip inspection, your mechanic checks things like your tyres, engine, suspension, and fluids for defects or leakages. This blue slip inspection is primarily to ensure that your car is up to its manufacturer’s standards.

That is why you should try to go through your vehicle’s guidebook. This will help you to put your car in order before attempting to go for a blue slip inspection. 

If you are unable to find the guidebook for your vehicle, you can use the internet to get the information you need or contact us for advice.

Furthermore, blue slip inspection includes an identity check to ensure the vehicle or any of its parts were not stolen.

This inspection is similar to the pink slip inspection, only that it is more thorough. 

Pink Slip Inspection (E Safety Check Inspection)

An e safety check inspection report (pink slip inspection) verifies your car as being roadworthy. It is a letter from an authorised NSW mechanic like us, stating that your vehicle is fit for the roads and in good working order. 

Your mechanic will either issue a pink slip, or give you a list of repairs needed for your car to pass the rego inspection after inspecting it. Your mechanic will also submit a report to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on the outcome of the inspection.

This eSafety check inspection is required to register all light vehicles that are older than five years within NSW.

Note that you don’t have to wait until your current registration is almost expired. You can carry out an e Safety check inspection (pink slip) six months prior to the expiration date. Automotive Hospital can perform e safety check inspections (pink slip inspections) for vehicles, scooters, and motorcycles in Sydney.

What a Pink Slip Inspection (E Safety Check Inspection) Entails

During an e safety check, your Sydney mechanic assesses your vehicle based on a checklist. This usually involves inspecting the tyres, the vehicle’s body parts, indicators, headlights, and interior lights.

Your mechanic will also take a look at the car fluids, engine, and suspension during your registration inspection.

Do You Need a Pink Slip to Sell a Car?

Yes, you need a pink slip if you want to sell your car in NSW. A pink slip identifies the legal owner of a vehicle and attests to the vehicle’s roadworthiness. Buyers will often request this slip to be certain that the car they are purchasing is entirely functional and legitimately owned.

A rego check with us provides Sydney buyers with peace of mind, assuring them that a car is sound both mechanically and legally. 

Therefore, if you have any plans to sell your vehicle, it’s essential to carry out a registration inspection in Sydney with an authorised mechanic like Automotive Hospital. After the e safety check inspection, an authorised inspection center will issue you a pink slip.

How Long Does a Blue Slip Last?

For a rego check in Sydney, your blue slip report will last for 28 days starting from the moment it is issued. However, if you fail the blue slip inspection test, you will receive a Repairs Needed Report, which expires in 14 days. 

Within those 14 days, you will have to repair the defects and return the car to us for reinspection.

How Long Does a Pink Slip Last in NSW?

It takes six months for a pink slip report to expire after a rego check in Sydney. Upon getting your pink slip, you are to use the report to renew your vehicle’s registration within the given timeframe. 

How To Get a Blue Slip in NSW

In NSW, you must visit an authorised blue slip inspection station, like Automotive Hospital, before you can register a car. After the blue slip inspection, the we will then issue you a blue slip report.

The same is applicable when trying to get your pink slip inspection report.

Contact Automotive Hospital for Your Rego Inspection

In Sydney, every driver must get an e safety inspection check once a year. This check guarantees the roadworthiness of your vehicle and is required by the RTA (Roads & Traffic Authority). However, getting the check done at the RTA site can be time-consuming and stressful.

You can save time and effort by carrying out your rego inspection and other automotive needs at Automotive Hospital. Here, we provide car servicing and car repair services. We also offer yearly registration renewals.

We can carry out an e safety inspection check and provide you with a pink slip. The roadworthiness report is then sent electronically to Roads and Maritime Services through an online system.

We also offer blue slip inspections for those whose current vehicle registration has expired for more than three months.

As an authorised registration inspection center, we have the equipment and the skills to carry out registration inspections in Sydney.

Contact us today and let us help you get your car registered and ready to drive on the roads of New South Wales, Australia.


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