Your Cabin Air Filter: When to Replace it, How to Replace It, and Why You Should

Replace Cabin Air Filter

Have you ever taken a moment to consider your cabin air filter? Many people do not even know it exists, but it can be a major component to the kind of air you are breathing while in your vehicle. 

The cabin air filter helps to filter out the dirt and dust in the air and keep your cabin clean so that you can consistently breathe in fresh, non-toxic air. However, if the cabin air filter becomes clogged or you forget to change it, this can pose a problem for your health and for the performance of your vehicle. 

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles is a good rule of thumb for changing your cabin air filter.

Changing your air filter will ensure your cabin does not have a build-up of dirt, dust, mold, or allergens just hanging out in the air filter. Also, the air filter could be impacting the way your defroster, air conditioning or heating components are working in your car.

Your best solution: Take a quick 15-minutes to swap out your cabin air filter or take your car to a local servicing centre and have them do it for you. 

Before you go thinking there is a problem, make sure to check your owner’s service manual. Some vehicles do not have a cabin air filter; make sure you know if your automobile has one or not before you waste time trying to change yours out!  

Two types of cabin air filters exist—talk to a professional service member to find out which is best for you! 

The two types of cabin air filters available on the market include particulate filters and odor/particulate combination filters. Depending on your specific vehicle, one or the other is going to be better for it. If you can figure it out on your own, that is great, but a professional at Automotive Hospital can easily find out if you need one and which you would need. 

When you change your cabin air filter, make sure to record the date and mileage in your records so you can follow up with routine service on it. 

Seven easy steps to replace the cabin air filter on your own

Are you a big DIY fan when it comes to car maintenance? If you are ready to tackle a simple, 15-minute project on your own, then changing a cabin air filter is a good place to begin. Follow these seven easy steps and you will have clean air flowing through your cabin in no time! 

  • Open your glove box. Take out all the contents inside the glove box. 
  • Remove the limiting stop arm on the right side of the glove box. 
  • Release the glove box by popping it free from the side clamps and you can drop down the entire glove box.
  • Remove the old cabin air filter. Lift the side latches of the faceplate, slide it out of the way, and pull out the old cabin air filter from the opening. 
  • Clean the filter chamber; check seals and gaskets. Make sure to vacuum out the filter chamber, wipe it with a damp cloth to remove contaminants, and check the condition of the gaskets. 
  • Install the new cabin air filter. Make sure your new filter matches your old one. Make sure the arrows are pointing the right way and slide the new filter into place.
  • Replace the glove box components. Replace the faceplate, snap the glove box back into place, put the limiting stop arm back on, and replace the contents you removed from the glove box back into it. 
Are you looking for assistance in your cabin air filter replacement? 

Don’t worry—even minor servicing and upkeep on automobiles is not for everyone! Automotive Hospital has the equipment an expert on hand ready to go for your cabin air filter replacement. We work with a wide variety of popular automotive makes and models in the inner west of Sydney Haberfield. 

Call us or stop in today and get your cabin air filter replaced and check up on other vital fluids and filters on your vehicle!


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