VW & Audi & Skoda DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) Problems

Vw Audi Skoda DSG

Volkswagen otherwise affectionately known as “VW” is the worlds largest car manufacturer and is responsible for making Audi, Porsche and Skoda brands. In the VW, Audi and Skoda ranges the Volkswagen Group uses an automatic transmission called DSG or “direct-shift gearbox” originally derived from the Porsche in-house development team. DSG issues can be quite common, if you are suffering from any issues or problems with your DSG gearbox, bring your vehicle into Automotive Hospital where we can provide you with DSG transmission repairs or a full replacement.

DSG is essentially a manual transmission that has a control unit comprises of a hydraulics that actuates clutch operation and gear changing known as mechatronics.

The design of the DSG transmission was very reliable overall and was one of the fastest shifting transmissions, providing very smooth and direct gear changes. The transmission lead to better fuel economy than conventional planetary geared automatic transmission with around 15% savings.

As mentioned, the transmission was typically very reliable when working but it can be also often be very problematic. Some of our clients have been caught in the middle of traffic lights and stuck in the middle of intersections when the transmission neutralises and does not engage.

The control unit is part of the hydraulic unit. If the electronic unit fails, we can’t communicate with it via our diagnostic tools. This means in some instances we then need to replace the whole unit. Failure typically happens through millions of gear changes, heat cycles and general wear and tear.

If you are suffering with any issues on your DSG transmission, your options are:

> Come in so we can run a diagnostic scan test to determine what is going wrong.
> We will conduct some actuations.
> From here we can figure out if it needs to be repaired or replaced if necessary.

Even if your DSG transmission is running fine, it is important to regularly service your transmission replacing fluids/lubricants on a regularly car service cycle. Here at Automotive Hospital our bread and butter is doing VW car servicing, Audi and Skoda.


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